Moving With Pets

Moving with pets can be both be an exciting and stressful time your family. There are things you can do to have a successful move and also keep anxiety at a minimum for your pets.

Contact Your Vet Before Moving With Pets

Let your vet know you are moving and that you will need your pet’s records and any prescriptions. Ask them for recommendations for a new vet that would be suitable for you and your pet. You can also ask your vet any questions you may have about moving that relate specifically to your pet.

Prepare for Moving Day

Whether you are packing everything yourself or using a moving company, make sure your pet is away from all the action. Let them relax in a cleared-out room with familiar items like toys, blankets, bed, and carrier. If movers are coming to your home, make sure you have treats for the movers to offer your dog or cat. This will help subdue the anxiety of new people in their home.

Update Their Information

It is vital that your pet’s contact information is up to date. Tags and microchips need to have your current information associated with them. When you make address and phone number updates to your personal information, remember to also make the proper changes related to your pet as well.

Create a Necessities Kit

It may be a few days before you can get officially settled into your new home. Make it easier for your pets by having food, kitty litter, treats, blankets, toys, and bed easily accessible. Sed aside things that help keep them relaxed.

Keep Your Pets Away from the Action

You may want to consider letting your pet stay with a familiar friend or at a kennel on moving day. If this is not possible, let them stay in a cleared-out room or in their carrier located in the garage or vehicle, if temperatures allow it. Check on them regularly and feed and walk them at their regular times. Keep things as normal as you can by sticking to their routine.

Travel with Your Pet

Transport your pet in your own vehicle. You can use a carrier or use a bigger crate in the back of your car for bigger animals. Place a blanket over the carrier to shield your animal from seeing the environment change. Make sure they are safely secured in your vehicle and not potentially going to distract you while you drive.

Letting Your Pet Out

Be extremely cautious about letting your pets out before arriving at your new home. If you are stopping at a rest area and want to let your pet out, be sure to secure them on a leash. Cats and dogs also need to have collars on with up to date information attached.

Keep Your Pet Secluded

Move all your stuff before you move your pet. This will provide a sense of familiarity to your pet on arrival. If you are unable to set up the whole home, try setting up at least one room for you animal. They can then have time to adjust to their new home. Give your pets plenty of attention to calm them.

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Moving with Dogs or Cats

Dogs and cats can handle moves better than smaller pets, but they can still experience anxiety due to new surroundings and increased stimuli. Introduce them to their surroundings gradually and limit them to one or two rooms in the new home at first. Consider arranging a friend or pet sitter to visit a few hours a day in the beginning of living in your new home. This will help ease anxiety if you are unable to stay at home.

Small Pets

Drastic temperature changes can have a negative effect on gerbils, guinea pigs, and hamsters. They can travel in their normal cages, but double check to make sure they are not able to get out. Be extremely careful with guinea pigs and make sure they are transported in a warm, comfortable, small carrier. Their hearts are prone to suffering from change or being moved around.


Transport fish in a bag with a mix of new water and old water from their aquarium. Do not overcrowd your fish. Secure the tops of bags with rubber bands, and place the bags inside a dark, insulated cooler. Allow the tank filter to run for a few hours before returning your fish to their tank. Limit the time away from their normal habitat to less than 48 hours. If you have a long distance to travel, it may be best to give your fish to a friend and buy a new one when you are settled in your new home.


For birds, use appropriate size carriers with the bottom lined with litter. Be extremely cautious about letting your bird out of its carrier. Secure the doors from the outside, and keep your bird cool and protected from the sun.

Professional Movers: What to Expect

Do you have a vague fuzzy memory of being ten years old and helping box up your room in preparation for The Big Move? Unless you grew up with a parent in the military, odds are good that you lived in the same place for the entirety of your childhood. Or maybe you moved once or twice, but it was just to a new house in the same city. If all you have to rely on are those vague memories of a distant childhood move, preparing to pack up and move across the city, state, or country can be a daunting thought. Here’s what you can expect when you trust a professional moving company like Primetime Movers to move your Memphis household to your new home.

Worry Less

One of the biggest benefits of trusting your household goods to professional moving companies rather than doing it yourself is the benefit of peace of mind. Moving, whether it’s a local move or you’re heading across the country , brings a plethora of things to worry about. When you hire professional packers and movers, we handle everything from packing the first box to delivering it safely to your new home.

Full Service Move

As full service movers, moving companies like Memphis’ Primetime Movers will handle some or all of the following services: Packing and crating – we will carefully pack, wrap, and protect all of your household goods in preparation for their time in the moving truck. We have years of packing experience, so we know how to better protect all your things. Filling the truck – once everything in your house is packed, our team will pack the moving truck. Since this is our job, and we have plenty of experience, we know how to pack everything to minimize potential disasters and damage. Transporting – a moving truck is a sizeable vehicle. Don’t worry about driving that huge rental moving truck that you feel unqualified to sit in, let alone drive. We’ll handle getting the truck from your old home to the new one so all you have to worry about are your own vehicles. Furniture moving – don’t worry about throwing your back out because that overstuffed leather sofa is a beast. Our teams will do all the heavy lifting for you. Transporting – a moving truck is a sizeable vehicle. Don’t worry about driving that huge rental moving truck that you feel unqualified to sit in, let alone drive. We’ll handle getting the truck from your old home to the new one so all you have to worry about are your own vehicles.

Time to move? Learn more about our services.

Get the details here! The biggest stressors for any move are how to pack and haul all your things and how on earth you’ll manage to drive that massive moving truck plus your own vehicles. When you hire movers at a moving company, we handle all of those steps and take away as much of the stress of moving as we can. If you have an upcoming move, whether you’re staying in Memphis or moving across the country, Primetime Movers can handle the hard part for you! Call us today to schedule your move !

Local Movers: Why Local Moves are Just as Hard as Long-Distance

A few years ago, perhaps, you got a great job. The kind that comes with regular salary-based paychecks, benefits, and 401k matching. Now, you’ve had the chance to save up and you’ve jumped through all the hoops and spend countless hours agonizing over a decision. Buying a house is no snap decision, after all. But now, after all of that work, you are a homeowner. You’ve probably been fantasizing for years about throwing out that ratty couch you got in college and replacing it with a real-live adult-looking leather number. Congratulations on graduating to the next level of adulthood: homeownership!

Time To Move

Now that you’ve got the job and found the house, we’re sure you’re just itching to get our of your tiny apartment and spread out in your new digs. Unfortunately, even if you’ve been living in a cramped apartment, a local move isn’t nearly as simple as you may expect. As professional house movers, Primetime Movers wants to use our years of moving experience to help you make your Memphis move successful. If it’s time to move to a new place, even though it’s local, a few organizational steps will help smooth the process.

Get Organized

The first thing we suggest anyone does as they prepare to move is to go through and organize everything. A move is an awesome time to do a major spring cleaning, no matter what time of year it is. Go through all your household goods with a discerning eye. If something is broken beyond repair, it’s probably time to chuck it in the trash. If you’re still holding on to that notebook from your Freshman year of high school, ask yourself whether you really need to hang onto it.

It makes no sense to pack up everything only to pitch it once you get to the new house, Instead, go through your current place room by room and sort things into one of three categories: trash, donate, and keep. This system will help you begin the packing process and, as a bonus, will reduce the amount of boxes you have to haul across town!

Plan Ahead

The other big component of moving that so many people struggle with when moving themselves is the scheduling process. Don’t wait until the last minute to reserve or purchase whatever you need to move. If you only have one weekend to haul everything across town, it would be miserable to find out there are no vehicles the right size available! Start packing as far ahead of time as possible and be sure to reserve whatever moving materials you need.

Or, rather than worrying about squeezing in your move slowly around your work schedule and using up several weekends, take all the stress out of moving. Instead of worrying about all of the above on your own, call the local movers at Primetime Movers! We’ll handle everything from packing your rooms and moving your furniture to driving the moving truck for you. Call Primetime Movers today to schedule your local Memphis move!

What are Full Service Movers?

Whether you’re starting the next chapter in a new city or moving across the country for your dream job, packing and moving can be unpredictable, stressful, and expensive. With Primetime Movers, this doesn’t have to be your moving story.

Each day, we help our clients plan for their move, pack up their memories, and transport their most precious items. We are a full-service moving company. It’s our job to handle the moving details while you focus on the other steps throughout your relocation. From offering local moving services to providing moving supplies, Primetime Movers guarantees a hassle-free moving experience.

Moving In Memphis?

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What We Mean By Full Service

Local Moving

We began our family-owned company in Memphis, but our local moving service area has a greater reach. Today, we also offer local moving services in Tennessee and Mississippi. We’ve traveled these roads many times, so you can trust us to pack and transport your home goods. You can also expect a personal point of contact throughout the move.

Long Distance Moving

Long distance move to another state? The last thing you need to deal with is miscommunication with your moving company. Reduce the hassle, trust the experts, and choose Primetime Movers. Before the move, we talk about how much you’d like to be involved. While you are focused on other relocation details, your items will arrive on-time and damage-free.

Packing Services

Are you comfortable with someone else packing your items? You can rest easy with Primetime Movers. Before we get started, we listen to your packing needs and take notes for fragile items. Our packing materials are high-quality, and our attention to detail is what makes our packing a high-quality experience. We’re here to reduce the hassle; we can pack a room — or your whole house.

5 / 5

Primetime Movers Google My Business Review These guys were great! They were very professional, polite and friendly. They made a very stressful situation much better. They took excellent care of my furniture and things. I would highly recommend them. Matt has an awesome group! Beth R., Memphis, TN

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Boxes & Packing Supplies

Packing your boxes? Choose high-quality boxes and pick up other packing necessities like bubble wrap, paper pads, and more. We offer boxes of different sizes to meet your moving needs and protect your items. We’re happy to help you determine how many boxes you will need as well as other materials that can keep your items damage-free.

Moving Labor or Help

Whether you’re preparing for a local move or a long-distance move, Primetime Movers is here to help with moving help to make your  loading and unloading easier. Rest your mind — and your back — as you plan for your big move. We use high-quality moving materials to protect your most precious items. We also have years of experience with packing, transporting, and unpacking. We’ve got your move covered. However, just because full service movers offer these services, you are not required to use them. A good moving company, like Primetime Movers in Memphis, will work with you to customize their moving services based on your moving needs. If you just need help hauling your furniture and driving the truck, it doesn’t make sense to pay for packers and movers who will insist on charging you to box up your things. However, if you have a time crunch or a schedule so busy you can hardly get your kids to all their activities, a full service mover who also offers packing services can save you a lot of time.

Packers and Movers Should Help Not Hinder

Don’t let yourself be restricted by full service movers who won’t work with you. Ask questions! Make lists ! Customize those moving services to better suit your needs. If you’re moving locally and you’ve got weeks to make it happen, you may not need full service packers and movers.

If you’re preparing to move, whether it’s across town or a long distance move , work with the packers and movers at Primetime Movers. We’ll customize our services based on your needs. Schedule a consultation today!

Moving Long Distance? Supplies For Your Long Distance Move

If you’re preparing to move long distance, the keyword you’ll need to remember is prepare . Unless a family member or friend is moving into your current home, once you’re out of the house, there is no going back for something you forgot. Unless you’re okay with that priceless family keepsake going in the trash, you’ll need to prepare carefully before you move so you don’t forget something important or damage something during transit. Below are the suggestions from the long distance movers at Primetime Movers to make your long distance move a smooth one.

Make Lists

At Primetime Movers, we are big proponents of a thorough moving checklist to get you as prepared as possible for long distance moving. If you’re already organizationally inclined, find the system that works for you, but if you have issues with organization, we have an already prepared moving checklist to help you cover all your moving bases. We offer reminders that range from organizing and cleaning out your home to remembering to turn on utilities at your new home. These suggestions all come with a handy timeline. Though, of course, these are just suggestions, not required.

Better Over-Prepared Than Under

The more you can prepare ahead of time, the less frantic you’ll be when it comes time to actually pack up and move house. Seasonal items, decor, and other things you don’t use regularly can be packed away weeks ahead of your move so you have less to pack last minute. Our long distance movers also suggest you make a list of items you’ll need right away upon moving in – things like important documents, a few cleaning items, and some dishes – so you aren’t scrambling to tear open boxes to find your child’s comfort item before bed.

Reserve Ahead of Time

The last thing you need when moving is to throw your back out carrying the first box down to the truck. If you’re planning on doing the heavy lifting yourself, you may want to rent or purchase a dolly. Also, be sure you have plenty of rope, cord, or other tie-down options to prevent your furniture and boxes from shifting every time the moving truck takes a turn. And, of course, you can’t forget boxes and packing tape !

Schedule Long Distance Movers

Rather than taking all that stress on yourself, let the professionals handle as much or as little of the long distance moving process as you choose. If you’re preparing a cross-country move, call the professional long distance movers at Primetime Movers in Memphis. We have the equipment and expertise to help you with the process of moving across the country with ease! Our expert team offers packing services if you don’t trust yourself to pack up that heirloom china.

Whether you want someone to pack up all your household goods and haul all your furniture or simply need someone to drive the moving truck, Memphis’ Primetime Movers can help you out! Call us today to schedule your long distance moving services today!

Insurance Coverage and Moving

If you own a home and have a mortgage payment still, we know you have homeowner’s insurance. It’s basically guaranteed since nearly every bank requires coverage while there is still money owed on a home. Of course, once your home is all paid off, you may choose not to continue carrying insurance, but that’s not something we suggest. If you rent, we hope you carry renter’s insurance for the same reason you’d have homeowner’s insurance: if something catastrophic happens, like a fire, you don’t want to be left rebuilding your life with only the money you have in the bank. It may not feel like it some days, but all those tchotchkes and t-shirts add up to a pretty sizeable sum when you have to replace most or all of it. So how do you protect your things while they’re between one home and the next?

Auto Insurance Versus Homeowners

The first question so many people have is, when moving, should their furniture and goods be protected by their homeowner’s insurance or their auto policy? It makes sense that, while in transit, your things could all be covered by your auto policy. However, that’s generally not the case. Even if your goods are all boxed up and packed away in a moving truck, they are more likely to be covered by your homeowner’s or renter’s policy than by auto insurance.

Homeowner’s Insurance While Moving

Most homeowner’s and renter’s insurance policies have some convoluted rules covering your property if it’s left in your car overnight and other unique circumstances when you’ve experienced theft away from home. So what happens when you move? Many moving companies offer a separate insurance policy to cover your furniture and boxes of household goods when you move, but do you really need it? The answer is a solid maybe. Here’s what you need to know:

Insurance Coverage

Both homeowners and renters policies fall under the broader heading of property and casualty insurance. This means that, at least on the surface level, the policy covers your property while you are a policyholder. Of course, things like purposeful damage are never covered, but most insurance policies have a few other restrictions as well. The good news, if you’re moving soon, is that your homeowners or renters insurance policy may still cover your household goods while you’re in transit to a new home. If you will continue to carry insurance through the same company at your new home, there is generally a subsection of the policy that covers the few days it takes to transport your goods to the new location. However, you will need to either read your policy for coverage or call your insurer for verification.

Moving Companies Offer Help

When moving, many moving companies offer insurance to cover damage done to your household items via theft, breakage, water damage, and more. Whether you opt in to this coverage is up to you, but if you’re already paying for homeowner’s insurance that covers items while moving, you may not need that extra coverage. Check with your insurer and ask what they cover to better guide your decision.

If you’re preparing to move, the best way to protect your goods is to trust the to professional moving companies like Primetime Movers in Memphis. Call us today to schedule your move!

Move Like The Pros: Military Moving Tips

If you know anything at all about our nation’s military, it’s that they have moving down to an art. Many military service members find out they will need to relocate several months out, but are not actually given orders to move to a specific place or a certain date until last minute. A common saying across all the different military branches is “hurry up and wait,” which pretty well exemplifies how PCSing (a PCS is a permanent change of station) happens for military service members and their families. If you’re worried about an upcoming move, try the following tips to make your move as seamless as possible, no matter how long – or short! – you have to get yourself moved.

Organization is Key

One of the first things so many military and their families learn is that a bit of organization can make a world of difference in the “hurry up and wait” process. Even if you have no idea where you’re moving, or if you know the city but don’t have a house yet, the boxes and boxes of your household goods will all transport the same. Start the process by packing up as much as you can ahead of time, like out of season clothing and decorations.

Do a Little Spring Cleaning

As you’re beginning to pack, or even before you begin, go through your home with a discerning eye and get rid of things you don’t need or never use. The less you have to pack, the swifter you can do so! However, of course, don’t get rid of things you’ll immediately need to replace when you move unless that couch is just so ratty and broken it needs replacing anyway.

Prepare Your ‘First’ Boxes

The “first” boxes are the first boxes you’ll want when you get to the new house. These may include some basic cleaning items, so you can get rid of the dust on the windowsills and the footprints before you move the furniture in. You’ll also want a few clothing items for everyone in the family, toiletries, and dishware. If things cannot be packed ahead of time, have a list so you can check off everything as it goes in last minute.

Make it Home

One of the most valuable lessons most military families will tell you, especially if you have kids, is to find a way to make the new place feel homey as quickly as possible to lessen the emotional impact of the move. Maybe this means having some photos or keepsakes to place in bedrooms the first day. You may also want to find a way to carry over traditions from old house to new or create happy memories; try a favorite family meal, either cooked in or ordered.

Of course, one of the other reasons military moves are so successful are the packers and movers they rely on to get them from Point A to Point B. Get trustworthy assistance from packers and movers near you in Memphis with Primetime Movers. Call today to get started!

Long Distance Moves: Keep Breakables Whole

Do you still have the champagne glasses you used to toast at your wedding? What about a collection of your kids’ handmade holiday ornaments? Everyone wants to keep around items that remind them of the happiest times in their lives; that’s a natural inclination. Unfortunately, most of those pieces of memorabilia are, more often than not, unusually shaped and breakable. So, how do you pack those physical pieces of memory to ensure they survive when you’re moving across the country? At Primetime Movers, we are Memphis’ long distance moving experts, which means we have years of experience packing and moving irreplaceable items across the country. If you’re packing everything for long distance moving, try these tips:

Find The Right Materials

When it comes to packing your breakables, you probably already know you can’t simply rely on the box to do all the protective work. You will need bubble wrap, packing paper, spare cardboard, scissors, packing tape, and a few permanent markers. We suggest using actual made-for-packing materials rather than those old sheets and towels because of the additional protective buffer they provide over thin cloth.

Don’t Scrimp On Space

We see it often – so many people prioritize the box count over more careful packing. The downfall to this is, often, you end up with boxes of books you can’t lift because they’re packed too full and your breakables get crammed into too-small spaces, which causes chips, dents, and cracks. Instead, don’t worry about keeping the box count small. Packing your breakables with excess padding will help ensure they make it to the new house in one piece.

Label Well

If you’ve read our previous blogs, you probably know we’re big fans of organization. As you pack things up, it’s helpful to note the room that box belongs in so things can be sorted appropriately for unpacking. When it comes to packing those fragile items, take a note from the cartoons – mark the boxes “fragile” or “breakable” largely and visibly so it’s easy to know which ones are especially delicate.

Pad, Layer, Wrap

Things like plates and bowls are made to stack; however, even those stackable items need some extra padding before they go in the boxes. Crumple packing paper in the bottom of boxes and add another layer on top once you’ve filled the box. Pliable cardboard can be cut down and layered between plates and bowls to help prevent chipping and breaking.

For glasses, take that packing paper and crumple it to fill the empty space in the glass then wrap each of them separately so they can’t clink against each other and break. Things that are less uniformly shaped will need extra padding, so be sure you’re packaging it to protect any parts that jut out. Those unusually shaped items are often best packed with bubble wrap and layers of crumpled paper around it.

If you’re moving across country, keep your breakables safe with the tips above. If you’re unsure of your packing prowess, leave it to the professionals. The team at Primetime Movers offers packing and moving services customizable to your needs. Call us today to schedule!

Store Your Stuff: Local Moving Tips From Local Movers

It doesn’t seem like it, but so often, moving locally can be more complicated than moving long distance. The problem isn’t so much in the distance, or lack thereof, but in the mindset most people have when planning and preparing for a local move. When you’re just moving across town, it can be simple to fall into the mindset that you have plenty of time because you’re not going that far. Just grab a couple of friends to help move the furniture, and you have all weekend, so it’s no big deal, right?

Even worse is how that mindset tends to promote procrastination. If you’re only moving across town, you don’t need to make sure everything is packed beforehand because you can just shove it in your car. In the end, you may end up with several broken items, late nights, and general moving disarray. If you only gave yourself that one weekend to move, completely sure it would be enough time, what do you do when Sunday night hits and you’re still only half-moved?

Prep, Prep, Prep

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: organization is the number one thing you can do to make your move easier. This is absolutely the case when it comes to local moves, not just those haul everything across the country moves. Whether you have weeks to move your things from home A to home B, or just a weekend, ensuring you’re packed and ready to haul your goods before that weekend will make everything go more smoothly.

Store Stuff

If you know you’ll only have a day or two to get everything out of your old place and into the new, one of the biggest helpful steps you can undertake is to rent a storage unit. This way, you can move out everything you don’t use daily, and do so a few trips at a time. If you know you’re going to need a quick turnaround to actually be out of your old home, stash as many things as possible in the storage unit before your official move-out weekend. This way, you have plenty of time to get your old place clean and ready to hand off to the next owner or renter and will incur fewer security deposit fees or inspection issues.

Schedule Help

Unless you’re Captain America, you probably can’t move your couches, bed, or dresser on your own. The faster you have to move, the more help you’ll need to get everything loaded into a moving truck and hauled to the new place. If you need moving help and don’t have friends available to bribe with pizza and beer, get yourself moved quickly with help from Primetime Movers in Memphis. We offer a variety of moving services, including moving furniture and packing boxes, so we can customize our local movers services based on your needs.

Whether you need help with hauling your couches or you want help packing your entire house, Primetime Movers can help. Call today to schedule help from your local movers!

10 Reasons to Hire Professional Movers

Let’s say you’re about to make a move across town, state or even country. You’ll have to iron out lots of details, but a big one among these is going to be moving your belongings. Though some people choose to go about this with a DIY approach, we’re here to give you all the reasons you should hire professional movers instead. If cost is an issue, don’t worry – many moving companies will offer you a free estimate before you commit so you can make sure you get the package that works for you as well as your budget. So let’s get into the top 10 reasons to hire professional movers during your next move.

Save Money When You Hire Professional Movers

Let’s get rid of some of those doubts about budget right from the start. True, it may seem like the cheaper option to do everything yourself, but when you actually start to add up all the elements of moving your stuff, you’ll find the cost of DIY is actually higher than hiring movers.

Why is that the case? For starter, you’ll need to supply all of your moving tools, equipment and transportation when you’re handling the move on your own. This means packing material like boxes, bubble wrap, and tape as well as the large cost of the moving truck or container will fall on your bill.

Save on Effort

We all know moving is already stressful enough. Hiring movers ensures that you have someone to shoulder the weight of the process. You’ll save your body the aches and pains of loading heavy boxes, as well as the effort and skill it takes to drive a moving truck across any distance.

Moving In Memphis?

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Peace of Mind

Hiring pros to handle your move gives you the peace of mind that your belongings and moving process is in good hands. This also goes back to easing your stress and making your experience a bit easier and lighter – literally.

Movers Are Reliable

Bluntly put: movers are reliable, even if your friends and family prove not to be. You don’t want to risk your important moment and belongings on help that may or may not be trustworthy. Plus, you won’t strain your relationships with friends and loved ones just before moving – that’s got to be a plus.

Stay on Schedule

Chances are, you’re not just moving without a set schedule or timeframe in mind. You might have a job that you’re starting on a certain day, or something equally timely. That’s why it’s important to stick to those deadlines by enlisting professional help. Movers make sure your belongings arrive as scheduled so you can relax and stay on track.

They’re Accountable For Your Stuff

If you decide to haul your own belongings and find that many of them have shattered during the process, you’re basically out of luck and out of pocket. With quality movers, they’ll be held accountable if any of your stuff gets damaged during the transport. So that china you’re so worried about will arrive in one piece, or be replaced at no cost to you.

5 / 5

Primetime Movers Google My Business Review These guys were great! They were very professional, polite and friendly. They made a very stressful situation much better. They took excellent care of my furniture and things. I would highly recommend them. Matt has an awesome group! Beth R., Memphis, TN

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Arrive Safely

Most of us aren’t experts when it comes to transporting heavy loads or driving them in a giant moving vehicle. Don’t put yourself and your belongings at risk by trying to do too much on your own. Movers will get your stuff safely to your destination and you can just worry about you. You’ll arrive at your new destination with plenty of energy to take on your new adventure.

Customer Service

Choosing a reputable moving company also means you’re getting the customer service that comes complete with their service. Having professional customer care on your side will improve your entire moving process. Make sure the company you’re considering is responsive and offers plenty of communication about their process.

Lots of Added Value

Without attempting the move yourself, it’s hard to truly appreciate how much value a good moving company can give you for your money. True, they’re not free, but they’ll ensure you have an up-front cost that covers everything you need. Takes away those hidden costs that end up derailing your entire moving budget.

Free Estimates

Like we already mentioned, plenty of moving companies will offer free estimates before you decide on the company or a specific service. This can be a great indicator of the type of company you are dealing with, so if the movers you’re considering charge just to let you know their cost, you’ll be better off doing some more research.

Hire Professional Movers For Your Next Move

Hiring the right help can make all the difference when it comes to making your move a positive experience. Keep yourself and your belongings safe and on schedule, not to mention saving you money on all the little things that add up to break your budget. Do your research and choose a quality company that offers free estimates and top customer service – you’ll be very, very happy that you did!