How to Move a Rug to Your New Home

If you’ve got rugs to move, you may think you’ll be able to scoop them up, roll them up, and throw them in the back of your moving truck. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. But, don’t worry, Primetime Movers is here to give you some of our expert tips on moving rugs to your new home.

    The Rug Moving Process

    1. Prep and Clean the Rug Before Moving The first step is to get your rug as clean as possible. To keep your rug in tip-top shape, vacuum it with a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) vacuum cleaner regularly to eliminate shedding, dirt, dust, and pests.

      Before moving your rug, you can also put the rug outside in the sun and beat it to get rid of accumulated dirt, dust, and pet dander. On the other hand, if you have a Persian rug, don’t do this step, though, because the sun can damage them.

    2. Gather Moving Supplies The next step is to gather your packing materials to move the rug. The good news is, it doesn’t take many supplies to pack up a rug. For large area rugs, you should gather:

      – A string or rope to tie the rug after you roll it up.

      – Packing paper to protect and wrap the rug with.

      – Packing tape to secure the packing paper.

      If you have a smaller rug, you should be able to simply put them back in their original cardboard tube packaging.

    3. Get Some Moving Help Depending on the size and weight of your rug, you might be able to move it without needing an extra set of hands. But, if you have a large rug, we suggesting rounding up the troops to help you because it can be extremely difficult to move a heavy, oversized rug by yourself. If you hire a professional moving company, they will be well-versed in moving rugs and happy to help you.
    4. Flip the Rug Over Before you move your rug, you will want to flip it over and have the back facing up. That’s because a rug’s backing is fragile and vulnerable to damage when it is rolled up. This is particularly true if the rug has a stiff backing that can easily crack or become strained when rolled up. So remember, in order to ensure that your rug doesn’t get damaged during the move, flip it over so that its back is facing up.
    5. Roll the Rug from the Short side Once you flip the rug over, start rolling it from the short side rather than the long side. Be sure to roll the rug as tightly as you can. Whatever you do, do not fold the rug. When you roll a rug, you help keep its fibers in good shape during the move.
    6. Tie the Rug Up Next, you will need to have a helper hold the rug in place while you tie the rug with a string around the top, middle, and bottom to ensure it stays in place.
    7. Wrap the Rug in Something Thick We recommend packing paper. It’s easy for a rug to become damaged or stained during the move. Protect your rug with something thick like packing paper or a large blanket. Just wrap the rug in the covering from top to bottom and secure it with packing tape. Make sure you don’t place anything on top of the rug during the move.
    8. Unroll Your Rug When you get to your new home, it’s time to unroll your rug and let it start enjoying its new home. Make sure you do so slowly and carefully and after you have moved furniture out of the way and swept or vacuumed the rug’s new area.
    9. Straighten Out Your Rug When unpacking a rug, you may notice that the corners have become warped or curled up during the moving process. To straighten out your rug, fold the curling ends under for several days or put heavy furniture on top of the ends to flatten out the rug’s backing.

    Need professional movers in Memphis?

    Whether you need help moving rugs or pianos, count on Primetime Movers, we have years of experience helping countless Memphis homeowners and businesses with all of their moving needs. From local to long-distance, our team of professionals understands what it takes to plan and complete a successful move, caring for your possessions every step of the way.