How To Plan Your Out Of State Move

Moving to a new state can be fun and exciting. People move to begin a new career. They also pack their bags to mark a fresh start or live closer to family. A growing to-do list may start to feel overwhelming, though. Here are 6 ways to plan your out-of-state move and make it a smooth one.

    6 ways to plan for an out-of-state move

    1. Mark your calendar Set a moving date early and plan around the big day. Whether you have a few weeks or a few months to prepare, don’t wait until the last minute. People choose a moving date for many reasons. This includes everything from a customer’s budget to the first day on the job. Leaving a property and finding a new place to live also plays a role. For a weekend moving date, contact movers at least one month in advance. If you choose a weekday moving date, you have some flexibility. Contacting movers two weeks ahead works fine. Waiting too late may force you to pick a moving date that isn’t ideal for your schedule. Limited time also impacts your ability to compare quotes. Start early to leave room for making the best decision.
    2. Map out your out of state move Before the to-do list becomes overwhelming, write down a master list. This includes everything from a packing schedule to the list of utility providers. If you’re moving with your family, it is best to get everyone involved. Teamwork is one way to consider all the moving parts. When thinking about your packing plan, don’t forget about supplies. Buy boxes, padding, tape, and other items in advance. This is also the time to donate or discard items that won’t be coming along. For utility providers, determine which services are available in your new state. If they don’t transfer, begin contacting new service providers. Arrive at your new home with everything ready to go.
    3. Choose how to move Will you gather friends or call a professional moving company? Some people choose a combination of both options. First, they move smaller items in a personal or rented vehicle. Then, professional movers break-down, transport, and set-up larger, more awkward items. Another option would be to hire movers to drive the already-packed moving truck. This helps to reduce costs. You do the packing — not the moving company. Make a decision based on your schedule, scenario, and cost preference. Hiring a professional moving company may be one way to lessen the stress of an out-of-state move.
    4. Research your decision If you choose a professional moving company, make a wise decision. They will be transporting your household items to another state. Spend time researching and comparing moving companies. Reviews are a great resource, and asking neighbors is also helpful. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration licenses moving companies. Choose from among these options. Interstate companies must also have a license and a Department of Transportation number. Gather quotes from at least three companies to guide the decision-making process. You have three options for estimates: Non-binding

      Customers receive an estimate before the move. The final cost is the weight of the shipping goods and the cost of the moving services. Binding

      Customers receive a written agreement of the moving cost based on an assessment. The cost will not change. Guaranteed-not-to-exceed

      Customers can pay the lowest cost between the binding estimate and the actual cost.

    5. Pack with purpose Pack with a plan. Think about grouping items based on a room or category. Keeping this tip in mind, avoid overloading boxes. Heavy boxes are hard to stack and are unstable. You also risk damaging your items. Here’s a tip: If the box doesn’t close, take some things out. Heavier items go on the bottom of the box. Before moving, buy extra padding and packing supplies. Packing in advance makes things easier for the movers. It also helps when it is time to get settled in your new home. Set time aside to disassemble larger items before the movers arrive. This speeds up the process.
    6. Keep important items with you Don’t pack everything during your out of state move. Set aside toiletries and medications, cleaning supplies, and other essentials. What are the go-to items that you will need in your new house? If you work from home, for example, pack your office supplies. You will also need helpful tools on your moving day. This includes boxcutters, markers, and tape. Always keep important records in your possession. Examples include birth certificates, financial records, and Social Security cards. Carry jewelry while moving other sentimental items.

    Ready To Plan Your Out-Of-State Move?

    Congratulations on your next chapter. Mark your calendar early, make a decision and enjoy your move. Ready to schedule your out-of-state move? Contact our team today for a free quote!