Local Movers: Why Local Moves are Just as Hard as Long-Distance

A few years ago, perhaps, you got a great job. The kind that comes with regular salary-based paychecks, benefits, and 401k matching. Now, you’ve had the chance to save up and you’ve jumped through all the hoops and spend countless hours agonizing over a decision. Buying a house is no snap decision, after all. But now, after all of that work, you are a homeowner. You’ve probably been fantasizing for years about throwing out that ratty couch you got in college and replacing it with a real-live adult-looking leather number. Congratulations on graduating to the next level of adulthood: homeownership!

Time To Move

Now that you’ve got the job and found the house, we’re sure you’re just itching to get our of your tiny apartment and spread out in your new digs. Unfortunately, even if you’ve been living in a cramped apartment, a local move isn’t nearly as simple as you may expect. As professional house movers, Primetime Movers wants to use our years of moving experience to help you make your Memphis move successful. If it’s time to move to a new place, even though it’s local, a few organizational steps will help smooth the process.

Get Organized

The first thing we suggest anyone does as they prepare to move is to go through and organize everything. A move is an awesome time to do a major spring cleaning, no matter what time of year it is. Go through all your household goods with a discerning eye. If something is broken beyond repair, it’s probably time to chuck it in the trash. If you’re still holding on to that notebook from your Freshman year of high school, ask yourself whether you really need to hang onto it.

It makes no sense to pack up everything only to pitch it once you get to the new house, Instead, go through your current place room by room and sort things into one of three categories: trash, donate, and keep. This system will help you begin the packing process and, as a bonus, will reduce the amount of boxes you have to haul across town!

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Plan Ahead

The other big component of moving that so many people struggle with when moving themselves is the scheduling process. Don’t wait until the last minute to reserve or purchase whatever you need to move. If you only have one weekend to haul everything across town, it would be miserable to find out there are no vehicles the right size available! Start packing as far ahead of time as possible and be sure to reserve whatever moving materials you need.

Or, rather than worrying about squeezing in your move slowly around your work schedule and using up several weekends, take all the stress out of moving. Instead of worrying about all of the above on your own, call the local movers at Primetime Movers! We’ll handle everything from packing your rooms and moving your furniture to driving the moving truck for you. Call Primetime Movers today to schedule your local Memphis move!