Move Like The Pros: Military Moving Tips

If you know anything at all about our nation’s military, it’s that they have moving down to an art. Many military service members find out they will need to relocate several months out, but are not actually given orders to move to a specific place or a certain date until last minute. A common saying across all the different military branches is “hurry up and wait,” which pretty well exemplifies how PCSing (a PCS is a permanent change of station) happens for military service members and their families. If you’re worried about an upcoming move, try the following tips to make your move as seamless as possible, no matter how long – or short! – you have to get yourself moved.

Organization is Key

One of the first things so many military and their families learn is that a bit of organization can make a world of difference in the “hurry up and wait” process. Even if you have no idea where you’re moving, or if you know the city but don’t have a house yet, the boxes and boxes of your household goods will all transport the same. Start the process by packing up as much as you can ahead of time, like out of season clothing and decorations.

Do a Little Spring Cleaning

As you’re beginning to pack, or even before you begin, go through your home with a discerning eye and get rid of things you don’t need or never use. The less you have to pack, the swifter you can do so! However, of course, don’t get rid of things you’ll immediately need to replace when you move unless that couch is just so ratty and broken it needs replacing anyway.

Prepare Your ‘First’ Boxes

The “first” boxes are the first boxes you’ll want when you get to the new house. These may include some basic cleaning items, so you can get rid of the dust on the windowsills and the footprints before you move the furniture in. You’ll also want a few clothing items for everyone in the family, toiletries, and dishware. If things cannot be packed ahead of time, have a list so you can check off everything as it goes in last minute.

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Make it Home

One of the most valuable lessons most military families will tell you, especially if you have kids, is to find a way to make the new place feel homey as quickly as possible to lessen the emotional impact of the move. Maybe this means having some photos or keepsakes to place in bedrooms the first day. You may also want to find a way to carry over traditions from old house to new or create happy memories; try a favorite family meal, either cooked in or ordered.

Of course, one of the other reasons military moves are so successful are the packers and movers they rely on to get them from Point A to Point B. Get trustworthy assistance from packers and movers near you in Memphis with Primetime Movers. Call today to get started!