Moving Checklist

Moving can be a pain, but with Primetime Movers we try to make things as easy as possible! Whether you’re taking advantage of our professional moving services to ease the moving process or you’re opting for a DIY method, we used our experience as professional movers to create a moving checklist to help you prepare for the big day. The best way to cut down on the stress of moving is to start early and stay organized. You should start the moving process three to four weeks before you move and continue to work on it gradually up until moving day.

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Three To Four Weeks Before You Move

All too often, people put off starting the moving process because they don’t want to think about it or are too busy. But then when it gets down to the final week before moving, the stress and work become too much to handle. That’s why we advise starting the moving process three to four weeks before you move, giving you enough time to take care of everything without stress or worry. Three to four weeks before you move, you should:

  • Make a list of everything you need to be moved and organize what can be packed sooner versus later
  • Donate anything you do not want to move
  • Book a moving elevator and make sure you confirm a parking space for the truck
  • Contact insurance companies and transfer any policies
  • Review your tax deductions
  • Request a change of address from post-office
  • Notify the necessary people (companies) that you will be moving
  • Arrange cut off dates for utility companies
  • Call Primetime Movers to schedule your initial moving consultation

Two Weeks Before You Move

As you continue the moving process, you should start to obtain the supplies you need for moving and take care of time-consuming tasks like having rugs and drapes cleaned or setting up appliance moving.

  • Purchase all your moving supplies
  • Make an appointment with a technician to prepare the move of major appliances
  • Have rugs and drapes cleaned and leave in wrapping when done
  • Obtain an appraisal of antique items to verify their value
  • Safely dispose of all flammables that cannot be moved, such as aerosol cans and fireworks

One Week Before You Move

One week before you move is a good time to ensure everything is in order for moving day. You should know how you are transporting all of your items and communicate with others about travel arrangements.

  • Check all furniture for scratches and dents and document your furniture’s conditions with a camera
  • Label all items you need to be able to access easily
  • Clean out the fridge
  • Darin yard equipment like the water hose and gas tanks
  • Schedule delivery of your appliances at your new home
  • Make a plan to transport or give away your plants
  • Confirm travel arrangements for family and pets

Moving In Memphis?

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The Day You Move

If you’ve done the proper preparation work, the actual day of moving shouldn’t be filled with stress and worry. You should be able to do final checks through everything, ensuring all electronics are unplugged and you’re not leaving anything behind.

  • Designate “last load” items
  • Pack all loose items into one box
  • Make sure all electronics are unplugged
  • Remove all pictures from walls
  • Label all boxes with the room they belong in
  • Remove heavy and breakable items from drawers
  • Remove all items from the tops of furniture
  • Check all closets and cabinets
  • Disassemble bedroom sets
  • Prepare your “essentials box”
  • Make sure water is shut off
  • Turn off all lights
  • Shut all windows and doors
  • Surrender house keys
  • Make one last check for anything left behind

Download Our Checklist Here