Moving Long Distance? Supplies For Your Long Distance Move

If you’re preparing to move long distance, the keyword you’ll need to remember is prepare . Unless a family member or friend is moving into your current home, once you’re out of the house, there is no going back for something you forgot. Unless you’re okay with that priceless family keepsake going in the trash, you’ll need to prepare carefully before you move so you don’t forget something important or damage something during transit. Below are the suggestions from the long distance movers at Primetime Movers to make your long distance move a smooth one.

Make Lists

At Primetime Movers, we are big proponents of a thorough moving checklist to get you as prepared as possible for long distance moving. If you’re already organizationally inclined, find the system that works for you, but if you have issues with organization, we have an already prepared moving checklist to help you cover all your moving bases. We offer reminders that range from organizing and cleaning out your home to remembering to turn on utilities at your new home. These suggestions all come with a handy timeline. Though, of course, these are just suggestions, not required.

Better Over-Prepared Than Under

The more you can prepare ahead of time, the less frantic you’ll be when it comes time to actually pack up and move house. Seasonal items, decor, and other things you don’t use regularly can be packed away weeks ahead of your move so you have less to pack last minute. Our long distance movers also suggest you make a list of items you’ll need right away upon moving in – things like important documents, a few cleaning items, and some dishes – so you aren’t scrambling to tear open boxes to find your child’s comfort item before bed.

Reserve Ahead of Time

The last thing you need when moving is to throw your back out carrying the first box down to the truck. If you’re planning on doing the heavy lifting yourself, you may want to rent or purchase a dolly. Also, be sure you have plenty of rope, cord, or other tie-down options to prevent your furniture and boxes from shifting every time the moving truck takes a turn. And, of course, you can’t forget boxes and packing tape !

Long-Distance Moves

Schedule Long Distance Movers

Rather than taking all that stress on yourself, let the professionals handle as much or as little of the long distance moving process as you choose. If you’re preparing a cross-country move, call the professional long distance movers at Primetime Movers in Memphis. We have the equipment and expertise to help you with the process of moving across the country with ease! Our expert team offers packing services if you don’t trust yourself to pack up that heirloom china.

Whether you want someone to pack up all your household goods and haul all your furniture or simply need someone to drive the moving truck, Memphis’ Primetime Movers can help you out! Call us today to schedule your long distance moving services today!