Moving With Kids

Moving can be a stressful situation no matter how you approach it, but when you are moving with kids in the mix, this stressful situation can turn downright impossible. But don’t worry – whether you’re moving across country, state, city or just to a new house, there are plenty of ways you can handle moving with your little ones.

Thinking about moving with kids soon?

Don’t believe us? Here are our tips for involving your kids in the moving process, easing their nerves and turning your move into a positive adventure rather than something to be dreaded and feared. So if there’s a move on the horizon for you and your family, read on so you can be prepared.

Frame Your Move As a Positive

Sure, not all moves come out of positive situations – there are obviously less-than-ideal times when a move is necessary, such as losing a job or going through a separation from a spouse. Even if you’re dealing with one of these situations, you should still try your best to frame your move as a positive and fun adventure, not impending gloom.

Of course, there are plenty of positive reasons that you might be moving too such as: a new job opportunity, promise of better life quality or other positive life change. If this is the case, take full advantage to get your kids excited and ready for the move that’s coming.

Talk About It Often With Your Children

You might think that “leaving your kids out of it” is a good way to save them from getting anxious about the move, but you’ll actually be doing the opposite. Many times, kids just need to be included and clued in on what to expect in the future. It can feel very frustrating to have no place or say in the matter, especially when it threatens to overturn the life your kids have grown to know.

As the time of the move approaches, you should make it a daily topic of discussion. Keep things upbeat and positive, but be on the lookout for signs of growing stress or any issues your kids might voice. Doing this ahead of time lets you gauge how your kids are coping and feeling about the life change. If you notice any issues, you’ll be able to step in and try to resolve them before the actual move, which can make an already stressful time overwhelming.

Involve Them Over The Entire Moving Process

Talking to your kids about moving is just part of the equation of making them feel included in the process. You should also encourage them (if they are old enough) to help out around the house in preparation for the movers to arrive. Let them help in packing their stuff and place all their important toys and objects into a special box or bag so they can keep them close – this will help easy any anxiety or nerves they may have about putting them away.

You can also busy your kids with helpful tasks during the move, but make sure they’re simple enough for them to accomplish, such as helping wipe down the counters or getting a glass of water for the movers. Make your child feel like they’re a part of the team and they’ll be much better prepared for the emotions that come naturally with moving.

Hire Professional Movers

It might be tempting to just DIY the whole move, but hiring professional moving help where you can will make your entire moving process smoother and easier on everyone involved. This is especially true when you are moving with kids and cannot dedicate hours to packing and dragging boxes to and from a moving truck. Hiring movers also simplifies your travel needs, because you won’t need to drive your belongings all the way to your new place.

Keep Your Children Busy

There can be a lot of work involved with moving and it can take up much of your time and attention. To make sure your kids don’t feel left out or get in the way of important work, keep some staples on hand to keep them distracted. Whether it’s a book, coloring materials, a toy or even a video game, use it wisely to help you keep your kids happy and busy.

Build Excitement About Your New Place

Once you’ve moved yourselves and your belongings to your new place, take some time to decompress and enjoy your new surroundings before diving right into unpacking. Don’t worry – your boxes will still be there for you to unpack later. So take some time to look around your new neighborhood. Have your kids look for a new park, playground, pizza restaurant or any other attraction to make them excited for their future here.

The same goes for your new home and neighbors. Go ahead and let your kids pick the kind of color they want to pick for their room and the types of decorations they can use to make the space their own. Also introduce them to any neighbor children to get them familiar. Before you know it, you’ll be adjusting to your new life and making new memories to share.