What are Full Service Movers?

Whether you’re starting the next chapter in a new city or moving across the country for your dream job, packing and moving can be unpredictable, stressful, and expensive. With Primetime Movers, this doesn’t have to be your moving story.

Each day, we help our clients plan for their move, pack up their memories, and transport their most precious items. We are a full-service moving company. It’s our job to handle the moving details while you focus on the other steps throughout your relocation. From offering local moving services to providing moving supplies, Primetime Movers guarantees a hassle-free moving experience.

Moving In Memphis?

Check out what local areas we offer moving services around Memphis.

What We Mean By Full Service

Local Moving

We began our family-owned company in Memphis, but our local moving service area has a greater reach. Today, we also offer local moving services in Tennessee and Mississippi. We’ve traveled these roads many times, so you can trust us to pack and transport your home goods. You can also expect a personal point of contact throughout the move.

Long Distance Moving

Long distance move to another state? The last thing you need to deal with is miscommunication with your moving company. Reduce the hassle, trust the experts, and choose Primetime Movers. Before the move, we talk about how much you’d like to be involved. While you are focused on other relocation details, your items will arrive on-time and damage-free.

Packing Services

Are you comfortable with someone else packing your items? You can rest easy with Primetime Movers. Before we get started, we listen to your packing needs and take notes for fragile items. Our packing materials are high-quality, and our attention to detail is what makes our packing a high-quality experience. We’re here to reduce the hassle; we can pack a room — or your whole house.

Boxes & Packing Supplies

Packing your boxes? Choose high-quality boxes and pick up other packing necessities like bubble wrap, paper pads, and more. We offer boxes of different sizes to meet your moving needs and protect your items. We’re happy to help you determine how many boxes you will need as well as other materials that can keep your items damage-free.

Moving Labor or Help

Whether you’re preparing for a local move or a long-distance move, Primetime Movers is here to help with moving help to make your loading and unloading easier. Rest your mind — and your back — as you plan for your big move. We use high-quality moving materials to protect your most precious items. We also have years of experience with packing, transporting, and unpacking. We’ve got your move covered. However, just because full service movers offer these services, you are not required to use them. A good moving company, like Primetime Movers in Memphis, will work with you to customize their moving services based on your moving needs. If you just need help hauling your furniture and driving the truck, it doesn’t make sense to pay for packers and movers who will insist on charging you to box up your things. However, if you have a time crunch or a schedule so busy you can hardly get your kids to all their activities, a full service mover who also offers packing services can save you a lot of time.

Packing Services

Packers and Movers Should Help Not Hinder

Don’t let yourself be restricted by full service movers who won’t work with you. Ask questions! Make lists! Customize those moving services to better suit your needs. If you’re moving locally and you’ve got weeks to make it happen, you may not need full service packers and movers.

If you’re preparing to move, whether it’s across town or a long distance move, work with the packers and movers at Primetime Movers. We’ll customize our services based on your needs. Schedule a consultation today!